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Terms and Conditions

Special terms Alpes Montgolfière (updated January, 1st 2021)

In accordance with the french commercial law there is no cooling-off period in the air transportation. Nevertheless, we allow you a period of 7 days of ordering tickets to cancel your order. After this time no cancellation will be possible. All cancellations and refunds must be received by registered mail with tickets and a bank account number.

Terms & Conditions Alpes Montgolfière (updated January, 1st 2021)

"Alpes Montgolfière" is a registered trademark with the INPI under N ° 06 3413269 and belongs to the Alpes Transport company whose brand is also filed with the INPI.

The company Alpes Montgolfière holds the air carrier license issued by the Prefecture of the Rhône Alpes renewed by Decree dated October 3, 2006. The company Alpes Montgolfière is approved by the French Civil Aviation for air carriage to passengers against payment.

The number of air transport certificate of the company Alpes Montgolfière is the F-CE 906 renewed by Decree of 18 November 2011.

The company Alpes Montgolfière holds the Passenger transport license No 2006/82/0000216 issued by management equipment Haute Savoie department in the Ministry of Transportation renewed dated October 26, 2009 under No. 2009 / 82/0002258. The company Alpes Transport is registered in the commercial register of Annecy (74) under No. Siren 488 024 860. In case of dispute, the Annecy court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The company Alpes Montgolfière is provided to transport passengers against payment in a balloon. This insurance is part of the Warsaw Convention.

The company Alpes Montgolfière is also guaranteed by the insurance company "GAN" to transport passengers against payment part of the Passenger transport license under the Contract number A 24312-008717.

The number of EU VAT society Alpes Montgolfière is: FR 484 880 248 60 issued by the Directorate General of Taxes (center of Sallanches).

Reservations : can be made by phone, internet or mail. The buyer will receive ticket (s) by returned email as needed to board the balloon. The passenger should contact the planning department contacted 7/7 of 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on +33 (0)4 50 55 50 60 to make an appointment for his flight. Once registered on the flight planning, the confirmation of the flight follows a call from the passenger 24 to 48 hours prior to scheduled flight. The flight is confirmed or cancelled according to the latest weather forecasts and announced the decision of the chief pilot of the feasibility -or not- of the flight in safe conditions.

Cancellation : For security reasons or in case of bad weather, the pilot reserves the right to postpone the flight, even on the take-off place that morning. Tickets are valid on the remaining period of validity. It will be asked the customer to choose a new date. In no event Alpes Transport shall be liable of travel expenses and / or accommodation expenses incurred by the customer. In case of cancellation by the customer within 72 hours before the flight booked or in case of non-presence of the customer on day at the appointed hour, the transport document shall be considered consummated.

Validity of tickets : All tickets are valid for 2 years from the date of issue (1 year in case of extension of the ticket). If for safety or meteorological reasons the pilot should cancel the flight, the customer may postpone his flight on a later date during the validity of the ticket, subject to availability of schedule. Flights are possible all year long excepted form 20th october to mid-december. Tickets are not refundable but can be given to a third party after our agreement.

FLIGHT "Pays du Mont Blanc" : To set the date of flight, the passenger must be manifested by phone +33 (0)4 50 55 50 60. For initial registration less than a month before the due date of the ticket, the title will considered consummated in case of cancellation for reasons of safety or weather. In this case no bill extension will be granted. However, the holder of a flight of Balloon boarding bought from the company Alpes Montgolfière, may request an extension of validity, if he would not have used that title during the 730 days of its validity. The length of the extension will be for 1 year (365 more days). The rate for this service is 50 € per person and includes administrative fees, issuance of the new ticket valid extension of 1 year and updating the airfare from the date of purchase. The ticket holder just have to make the request in writing before the date of expiry of the boarding title. After this time the flight ticket will be considered as consummated. For any refund request within the 7 days after the order, 50 € incl booking fees and ticket issuance will be deducted from the total amount reimbursed.

Route and duration : Given the random nature of weather and especially the wind, we can not guarantee the routes and sites flown. The flight times shown in our documents and website are for information only and are not contractual. The pilot can always abort the flight for safety reasons or/and meteorology.

Payment method : We accept the following methods of payment: Checks in Euros, wire transfer, bank card, Holiday vouchers. The settlement comes online by credit card or directly at the reception of the ticket.

Groups : As part of a group (minimum 20 people), a 50% deposit is required upon booking, the balance will be paid on or before the day of the service. The number of participants must be confirmed no later than 15 days before the date of delivery. No partial or total cancellation of the customer will be refundable after this time. Cancellations due to meteorological or safety will result in the refund of the deposit paid in full.

Refunds : Tickets are non-refundable and are valid for the period of validity until the completion of the flight. Tickets are transferable after our agreement.

Legislation : No one has the right to board a hot air balloon without having a ticket. Any passenger air carrier is subject to the conditions stipulated in the condition of Warsaw. The pilot is in sole command. As such, he has full authority over any person on board. He can land any passenger or load or part load it considers to be a threat to security, safety or good order of the device. Pregnant women, and children measuring less than 1.35m will not be accepted for a balloon ride.

Insurance : Each passenger is insured under the liability related to aircraft used. The risks are borne in amounts comparable to those required by the Warsaw Convention, in terms of passenger air transport. Objects taken by passengers are not taken into account by our insurers or by ourselves.

Prices :

The price includes : equipment, staff, transportation back on the take-off place, insurance

The price does not include : accommodation, travel to the place of appointment, the various consumption.

Any ticket is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue (1 year extension of the ticket). You choose the flight date depending on availability, it is your responsibility to book your flight early enough to guarantee the availability at the desired date.

Acceptation of these conditions : Any order implies full acceptance of these conditions.


Préparez-vous pour un vol extraordinaire, un baptême de l’air en montgolfière, Alpes Montgolfière vous invite au survol du "Pays du Mont Blanc".

Partez pour une aventure en montgolfière avec le spécialiste du vol en montagne, Alpes Montgolfière !
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